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Nowadays owning a car is necessity but there are some people who want their ride to be comfortable from the inside. These window tints have so many benefits for instance they resist against sunlight. UV rays, UV exposure. Moreover, 3m tinting in Sharjah gives you more optical clarity. They prevent against scratches on your window plus they are safe from glass shattering in case of any accident.

Now if they are so beneficial then how to apply them on your car at home. 

Firstly we need a list of things for window tinting in which we need a window tint film, a solution by which we apply it on a window it can be a soupy solution too, a piece of cloth for cleaning, a razor blade, a razor knife, a scraper, a squeegee and a heat gun.

First thing you need to do is to park your car at a place where there is no dust and no wind. Because these window tints need a clean place to settle so after parking your car at a non-dusty place you need to clean your windows with a piece of cloth and some soupy solution to smooth the surface so the tint can settle down easily.

Now you need to measure your paper according to your car windows. You have to precise and accurate about the measurements of your windows. You need to apply the window tint film on the outside of your window then the work is done by the heat gun. Heat gun helps the edges to fit right in to the curves of you cars window. This procedure of heat gun is safe for the car because it is used from a distance to cause no harm to vehicle’s body.

After the cut down of the window tint film they apply it on the inside with soupy solution by that the tint film settles on the window then they release the film liner. Next step is to use squeegee the remaining solution is wiped off from the window. Then you have to give it a final inspection to see whether the tint is settled or not.

Final stage is drying this totally depends on the climate and region you live in according to research a window tint takes 2.3 weeks to dry out and also after apply the window tint for straight 3 days you can’t roll down your windows. This is how you tint your car at home.

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