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When it comes to deciding about a wedding or planning a wedding, you need a professional or a certified wedding planner. It was estimated that a certified wedding planner can earn more than 85,000 dirhams in a year and the bonuses and tips are separate and they are not added in the amount that they earn. That is why it is the best career for those people who are a bit creative and who know how to communicate and know how to make contracts as well. But other than money there are many other advantages of being a wedding planner.

The first advantage is that they make memories, this is the best thing that a person can give to any other person and that is memories and not just any memories, some good one. For example, you are a wedding planner and you are planning about a couple’s wedding that recently lost their parents, now it is your job to make it right for them and make them forget about the past that they had. In this way, they will have a tear free marriage and that will be the best gift that anyone can give to another person indeed.

The second benefit is building trustable relationships with clients. The marriage is a very important thing and that is why people trust you a lot. They will trust you in deciding the best things in the wedding. They will pay you heck lot of money but will expect only one thing, the best things out there for themselves or for their daughter or sisters or any relation for that matter. The third advantage you will get is from your brain, by creating unique designs, this is the only thing by which a wedding planner is recognized. There are many wedding planners who have their own signature designs and they will use the most expensive things in the decoration or the best menu in the town. When you will do so much for a person, automatically, you will feel nice about yourself, like some of the best wedding planners say that they feel glamorous and that is why when people appreciate your work, they will surely refer you and hence, it will help you in growing about your network. You can visit any Abu Dhabi entertainment company and any wedding entertainment company.