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Living in self storage is not easy  because it is small in size and it does not provide space. They are the rooms in which you can sleep and eat only. Therefore, you cannot keep a lot of furniture in it but some things are required to be kept so that you can have something to sit and something on which you can keep your things. Some of the things which you can keep there are:

 Tables and chairs: tables and chairs are the most useful things to keep. You can buy foldable chairs and tables to keep things. They are light-weight and can be used for years. You can place table in the corner of the room to turn it into small kitchen by keeping some drinks and raw food and milk on it. Besides you can place chair and table in another corner on which you can keep your work or study stuff.  Chairs are also very important. They give you place to sit. You can place them in the corner or beside the table to keep the things of your next day so that your room would be more organized.

Sofa com bed: If you are a person who has to shift to new place after every other month then sofa com bed is made for you. You can fold the bed to turn it into sofa and you can  make the same sofa a bed by opening it wholly. You can even keep it in the corner by folding four times. Sofa com bed is easy to use and easy to carry. You can have food on it and you can study on it too beside sleeping. It can keep your room spacious a little and make shifting easy and cheaper. You can use this two-in-one bed for years.

Chest of drawers: Chest of drawers is heavy but a very useful piece of furniture to keep. It occupies less space but gives you immense space to keep your things. Try to buy a chest of drawers in which there would be five drawers so that you can keep important things in first drawer, clothes in second, tech items in third, personal documents in fourth and least important items in the last. The drawers help you to classify your things which make the room more organized and look clean.  

So, these are top three things which can keep in your storage room to make your life easier. You can use them for years. They all are light in weight, except drawers, which means you can carry them easily. You can get the best self storage facilities in Dubai. All you have to do is to search for storage space in Dubai and you get all results on Google.