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Breach is a word that scares the living soul out of a business person. Because this means that a person or a group is persons are illegally getting inside a system of a company. And that is why in July, 2019, a huge breach was done in Capital One. This is one of the biggest breaches ever done in the field of financial services companies. Due to a misconfiguration in the system and in the database, the hacker was able to get the social security numbers, bank account details of 100 million people in the United States and 6 million people in Canada. The FBI soon arrested the cyber criminal and it turned out that he used to work for Amazon as a former web engineer. You can get the top antivirus protection and download antivirus for PC for free. 

Facebook is the world’s most famous social media platform, while there are 7 billion people on the planet, there are 3 billion people using Facebook. It is said to be the most secure platform, but in 2018, Facebook faced the worst type of breach in its history. Some hackers hacked their database and leaked IDs of 267 million users. They leaked their photos, their addresses and even their phone numbers. It was said that more than 2 million phone numbers were leaked and a research was done in April and found that two huge datasets where were held by two app developers; Cultural Colectiva and At the Pool.

Hackers have hacked millions of computers but there was a hacker who hacked the whole population of the Ecuador. The hacker had personal information of all the people and in exchange all he wanted was money. He also hacked the govt system where he got the bank account details of people and also many other kinds of information as well. All this data was distributed among the data brokers because when the govt didn’t agree to give the money, the hacker sold out all the information. AT&T company is the biggest mobile phone and SIM distributors company and again to due to small misconfiguration, a hacker made sure that all people could save some money because the hacker nulled all the bills of the users and the hacker also stole more than 261,300 documents and posted them online on different websites.