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Everyone as a child hates to have veggies no matter how much you persist them to eat it but they just can’t seem to find it in their heart to love it. We all are curious to know what goes inside that small brain of these little ones that makes them hate veggies this much even after healthy meal plans Dubai. Let’s find out:

  • Vegetables aren’t enjoyable

We often associate the feeling of enjoyment with food because the taste gives us the satisfaction. The same case is with children. They don’t find vegetables enjoyable because this is the age where they rarely care about healthy and muscles but what excites them more is the fact that they get to have a mouth watering meal which is surely going to lighten up a dull sad day.

  • The idea or reward or punishment pushes them away

Have you heard about the saying that if a child doesn’t want to do something, leave them as is and they’ll come around? This is said for a reason because when you start forcing children to do something which they hate they are going to have the idea of hate forever in their brains. The idea of reward or punishment on finishing their meal makes the case worst as when they grow up they are still not going to be ready to eat what they were forced to eat without any reward.

  • Sneaking veggies breaks their heart

The idea of sneaking veggies into the food should be completely discarded because it is wrong for so many reasons. It is ethically wrong because children learn the idea of lying and sneaking things around, it is emotionally wrong because when children learn their favorite dish has been corrupted they are never going to look forward to it, it is tastefully wrong because even if they end up eating sneaked in veggies they are not going to learn to love its taste and it is wrong because it is wrong.

What you can do instead is add a little more veggie in their favorite pasta without having to lie about it or add a little more fruit in smoothies than expected. Find a way around instead of teaching children the wrong habits or misguiding them. For more such recipes try diet plan Abu Dhabi.