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Pregnancy is a duration and a time that is very special for women, the babies and even for the dads as well. This is the time when all the elder women will tell you about different things to do that are out of this world. These things are called myths. Some myths get right and shock the scientists and there are some myths that the scientists prove wrong but the elder people still have some arguing to it because it is their believes and we can just respect them. We have narrowed down a list of some most heard myths that people say when women are pregnant and are debunked by even urology doctors in Dubai.

Even the medical field has advanced a lot but still there are many people who say that pregnant women should not exercise. Even though, now doctors say that there are many beneficial reasons that women should do exercises of all kind. Doctors say that when women exercise, they get to face less labor pain and the muscles also loosen up and the delivery goes smooth as silk. Because in this way, the body gets used to of bearing some pain to some extent and the labor pain doesn’t feel that much. Only because of this, there was a video that went viral across the globe, where in some city of China, a woman was crossing a road and she stopped and after a few minutes, she delivered the baby on the road. She then wrapped the baby with a blanket and cut the amical cord and went on with her way.

Now, you see that why exercising is important. There is another myth that when a woman is pregnant, she cannot dye her hair. Now, this is the funny part, the myth says that when women dye her hair, the baby will get different patches of that color on the skin or the hair of the baby will be of that color. The most common myth is that people thing that women should eat a lot of food. Of course, they get craving but happens to only 50% of the women and some don’t even feel hungry. There is a myth that even some doctors say that you should not fly via plane when you are pregnant because the gravitational force can cause the women to bleed.

There is also a rumor that IVF cost in Dubai is very expensive.