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There are a number of factors that determines the reputation of a hospital. One of the most important factor is the emergence of new ventures and initiatives that could have a positive impact on hospitals. To be considered as the best hospital in Dubai alongwith providing the best gastroenterologist in Dubai, it is imperative for founders of hospitals to adapt to the ever changing environment in the world of hospitals.

Marketing the right way: Importance should be placed on how the hospital plans to promote itself in the market. Before even building a hospital right away, founders along with their relevant teams should evaluate and conduct thorough researches to get a fair idea of the market. For instance the location of the hospital should be located centrally so that patients can access the hospital without any hurdles in the way.

Focus on cleanliness: No patient would want to visit a hospital that does not practice cleanliness. Even if there is an ounce of dirt to be spotted, the hospital should be prepared for receiving flak for having unhygienic standards. This could result in losing potential customers, loss of revenue and negative reviews being spread around and hence their reputation gets tarnished. Hospitals need to keep finding ways to promote sustainability within the premises.

Hire the right staff: A good hospital is one that encourages diversity within the workforce it has. The reason for bringing diversity is that patients lack awareness of the conditions they have which would make them look into second opinions. A team of surgeons and gastroenterologists  alongwith state of art machines and labs to give the desired results of various tests to be performed gives comfort to the patient.

Being responsive: A hospital needs to focus on how they go about responding to their patients. Patients do not want to be hung up, have their appointments delayed or even cancelled without notifying them. Hospitals should integrate innovation into their communication systems. To better explain it, find ways to make communication with patients smooth and efficient without any second of delay. Doctors should be on alert whether there is a case of an emergency or not. Getting the best out of digital technologies can change the way they conduct their routines in the form of reducing paperwork and automate the structure of the hospital.