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In the past few years, the treatment by Botox has been increased to great extent. Although, there are many different types of cosmetic treatments but Botox has become more common in world. It is due to the popularity of Botox treatment that now there are many clinics of Botox Abu Dhabi. There are also many best lip fillers dubai. So you can also go for them. But before getting any such type of treatment you must get complete information for these treatments. So you must read this article if you are also going for these types of treatments. 

What is Botox?

Basically, Botox is extraction of bacteria’s botulism toxin but it is quite safe because bacteria are used in quite safe and controlled conditions. And this compound is known as Botox. So it is injected on the affected area or on chosen area and it will bind with receptors and it starts showing its action after some time. It triggers the face muscles and the muscles due to which wrinkles are formed they start becoming smooth so as a result wrinkle diminishes or it becomes dull that it can hardly be seen. 

Uses of Botox:

There are different uses of Botox but basically these are used to remove wrinkles so these can be used on different sites. Some of the uses of Botox are given below. 

  • Wrinkles are mostly visible around the eyes so these are widely used around the eyes to remove wrinkles. 
  • These are also used around the forehead in the brow lines because wrinkles are mostly formed there. 
  • These can also be used around the jaws. So in short, these can be used on any part of our face where there are chances of loosening of skin or sagging. 

Difference from filler:

Although, Botox and fillers both are used for same purposes but there are minor differences between these. Botox affects our muscles and these treats the wrinkles from inside. So basically, their site of action is muscle that is causing wrinkle formation. But fillers just fill the wrinkles from outside and mostly they are used within the lips. So if the wrinkles are deep inside so Botox is used and when wrinkles are not too deep so fillers are used. 

Duration of treatment:

The duration of treatment by Botox varies from person to person and it also depends on his condition. The normal duration of treatment is around one to ten days.