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Beautiful country of Canada is the ultimate destination for all tourists to explore the vast landscape and the beauty of the main island. To increase its economic activity, it also provides citizenship to Granada through an investment program. The event is highly sought after worldwide and many investors are already planning to invest in this beautiful country. In case you are interested in getting in touch with Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai, now is the time to do it. 

So, if you are planning to invest in Canada’s investment program, we have already compiled a list of 8 things to know about Canada Citizenship through the Investment Program to help you better understand the country and its needs. Granada offers investment option through real estate and hence it is essential to know about the position first. It is a beautiful place and currently plans to develop more opportunities for people.


You can participate in the Citizenship Program by invitation only, and the applicant’s family can only be approved by the Government of Granada.

Investment Opportunities are numerous so your attempt to moving to the new country may prove to be a good one. Granada offers many investment opportunities through investing in real estate or government bonds. You can also donate in government funds to obtain citizenship.

Tax incentives

There are no tax obligations or restrictions for investors, as the country is open to more opportunities. You are exempt from income, custom duty, corporate and many other types of taxes.

Easy application process

If you are applying for an investment program, Granada offers an easy application process. Once you have completed all the requirements, you must submit your medical examination records along with a clean criminal record. The whole process can take several months.

The country provides political and emotional stability, which means it is the safest option for investors to have a safe environment for their families. As the country is politically free, investors have more opportunities to invest. The program also provides investors with a good return on their returns. As it has an emerging market, it is more likely to increase market value with better price rates and higher returns in the future. There is more, and the same immigration company will help you participate in other programs as well. For instance, if you wish to find more information about Australian immigration consultants in Dubai, now is the time to do it.